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Mediland delivers the best end-to-end Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services and solutions that enable healthcare providers (Hospitals and Physicians) to focus on quality healthcare for their patients. Our services ensure that we efficiently manage the processes to improve the cash flow and overall revenues of the practice.

Medical Billing

Our skilled team of billers and analysts work diligently to help increase revenue. We make it easy for our customers to stay focused on their patients' health. We eliminate your need to hire, train and replace back office staff within your practice.
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Medical Coding

We stay ahead of the game and our skilled experts deliver accuracy in code selections for our customers, resulting in the smoothest medical billing process and the quickest reimbursement every day.
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Medical Transcription

Mediland provides electronic transcription services to the healthcare industry using very well-designed software, taking into consideration HIPAA. We provide MT services to about 400 physicians, covering all specialties.
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Reports & Analytics

Our reports & analytics process helps analyze the practice growth, productivity and identify problem areas also delivering a current and comprehensive view of billing cycle’s financial and operational performance.
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Professional who practices medicine, diagnosis, treatment of disease, injury, other physical and mental impairments.

Group Practices

A group of physicians who share their premises and other resources, who are joined together for providing health care to their patients.

Facility Billing

Is an institution for health care typically providing specialized treatment for inpatient with specialized staff and equipment.

Free EMR/EHR Subscription Offer

Mediland Billing will pay for your EMR and any other upgradation charges. If you are worried about fine print, there is none involved. It is just one of the many things we do to make working with us a special experience.

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